Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of this web site is to encourage and support people everywhere to Pray for Peace in the World. 

We further want people to encourage others to Pray for Peace by several means: 

1.  Through verbal discourse, people can make others aware of the need to Pray for Peace.  By discussing the analogy of Mary's plea at Fatima, it is hoped that many will be inspired to follow her cause, and pray daily for Peace in the World. 

2. Through distribution of prayer cards, either handed directly to others, or by leaving them in places where people will be inclined to pick them up  and to read the prayer and take the idea of Praying for Peace into their hearts and to others.  

3. Through browsing this web site and following links to other web sites that promote Prayers for Peace.

4. Through following links to other web sites that promote Peace in the World.

5. Through music and other media that will enable people to think creatively about how to promote peace and Praying for Peace. 


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